Whats My Age Again?

In Uncategorized on February 19, 2009 at 5:09 am

page7moronsMy first big concert, that is one not in a gym somewhere, came in the summer of 2001.  I was an 8th grader with an affinity for guitar riffs I could play and songs with things that had lyrics that were important to me at the time, like girls and dick jokes for the lunch table.  No one band fit the bill better than Blink-182.  Mark, Tom, and Travis those were my musical heroes.  Whether it was early Blink like Cheshire Cat and Dude Ranch (the pre-Travis days) or the big hit albums like Enema of the State and Take Off Your Pants and Jacket (my vote for the greatest album title of all time), the leaders of pop-punk’s second wave had everything my 14 year old brain could possibly want.  Unfortunately, the band and my fourteen-year-old brain got older.

High School brought about friends with different tastes, tastes that influenced me.  Metal, hardcore, prog, other genres in general began to flood my iTunes and CD catalog and my love affair with Blink began to fade, thanks in part to their self-titled 2003 release.  The album was a different band.  The voices were the same, even the first single, “Feeling This”, had some of Blink’s classic sound, but in general the band I once knew and loved was gone.  Tom DeLonge moved on to do Angels and Airwaves, his second (and by far worst) side project and Mark and Travis moved on to form +44, both acts paling in comparison to the youthful glory of Blink-182.  Some people said it was a band growing up, trading in high school humor for fears and questions.  Others look at it as a matter of over exposure, a band that didn’t see their fame as a matter of their music, but rather their personalities.  In 2005, DeLonge went on an indefinite hiatus from not only Blink but his two best friends, the fun had ended.

Let’s fast forward two shitty Angels and Airwaves album’s and a plane crash to the 2009 Grammys.  I was watching the show, full of music I really wasn’t that into, only to see Mark, Tom, and a still recovering Travis on stage.  Mind you, in recent years I had begun to look through my albums and, in doing so, rediscovered my connection with songs about peeping toms and hallway gossip.  The simple guitars, catchy melodies, and the feeling of the first times I heard the songs brought the band back to my musical forefront..  Mark spoke out first cracking a joke about the previous segment’s performance saying, “Isn’t it great to see the Jonas Brothers and Stevie Wonder back together again?” After laughing, the next thing I heard was Travis saying that Blink was back together and the smile just crept across my face.

Now lets talk about this new and improved return of Blink-182.  They’re recording, they’re touring, they’re like, really back.  The question is, which Blink are we  going to get?  My worry is that the band will pick up where they left off, growing up.  Dude Ranch, Enema, and TOYPAJ were all about the pains of being young while yearning to get to 21 and buy booze.  I don’t mean to speak for everyone, but I think the majority of fans would say Mark, Tom, and Travis need to go back to the things that made them friends in the first place.  Sure they’re all thirty something dads, but the chemistry between them is in their American Pie, dog-humping humor.  I don’t want an album about the dark times of Blink-182, the hiatus years, because that isn’t what Blink stands for.  In the end, I’m weary but giddy. 2009 brings me a chance to go see a summer tour with the band I saw every summer I could, the chance to hear tunes like “Dammit” and “Aliens Exist”, and most of all the chance to take a trip back a few years to a simpler, brighter time.


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