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page5lifeinlondonIf you have looked at The Tower I’m sure you’ve surmised that I write a weekly column. I write for the paper because I enjoy it and I think it’s an important way to express the different things that occur throughout a year of studying abroad. Back at Arcadia I’ve taken a fair share of different writing courses and this past weekend has inspired me to take on a new writing venture.

Letter writing.

This idea came about during a recent trip I took to Bath and a few places relevant to the Jane Austen ‘universe’ with Arcadia. On my nice little excursion out of the chaos that can be London we visited some small villages and smaller cities that thrive on fresh air and their historical relevance. We visited cathedrals that go back as far as the Norman invasion of 1066 and then there was the city of Bath, which was a favorite bathing spot for Romans! In one of the places we went, there were actually people dressed in Victorian costumes; it was kind of like walking into a renaissance fair you didn’t mean to go to.

Back to the letter writing, after picking up a very reasonably priced fountain pen for about $1.30 American, I was inspired to write the letters I have been promising people I would send all year. It pleases me to tell people that I spend my afternoons indulging in some leisurely corresponding that actually makes me feel accomplished. My usual procrastination leaves me feeling useless, but there is something very fulfilling about writing letters. Maybe it’s the product at the end; facebook doesn’t give me anything to show off after the hours I spend navigating around the pages aimlessly bar a few funny anecdotes about bumper stickers.

Moving onto facebook, it’s recently come to my attention that students both in the UK and continental Europe have a very funny facebook custom. I’ve noticed it a few times, but a friend in Italy brought it to my attention that instead of asking for your phone number, students will ask for your facebook name and add you. It seems to be a common thing around here, basically as common as an Australian backpacker who has a notepad full of people’s names and e-mails that they have met in hostels! (I know that must seem stereotypical, but it’s another common thing! Most people who have stayed in a European hostel can attest to that!) Anywho, the moral of that little anecdote is that students here are just as addicted to social networking as the average American student.

Jumping around a bit, I am finally getting some ‘touristy’ things accomplished around London this week as a friend from home is visiting for the first time. Today I climbed a stupid amount of terrifying stairs to the top of St. Paul’s Cathedral and tomorrow we’re going to the London Eye. On Monday I will finally visit Stonehenge and the rest of the week hopefully visit some of the markets and monuments I haven’t gotten to yet.

My final note is that even though I’ve been here for months and seen so many things in this city, every day there is something new to see and experience. I think that’s also true about Philly and  I’ll keep taking advantage of everything London has to offer me.

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