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From the Editor’s Desk…

To Our Faithful Audience,

Since it has recently come to my attention that people actually read this section of the paper, I have made an extra effort to remove as many typos as I see and to write it before 2 a.m.

This issue is all about that little thing known as Spring Break. For some students it is a time for reckless fun, for others it’s a time to go home and hang out with Mom and Dad. For others it might be reckless fun with Mom and Dad, but hey, whatever’s clever- it’s Spring Break dude!

I hope that wherever you go and whatever you do that you take the time to not study. Class is no excuse, and don’t let me catch anyone doing otherwise. If you get in trouble, you can go ahead and say the school newspaper told you not to. To which your teacher will probably
respond, ‘We have a campus newspaper?’
In any case, I’ll check you on Beaver Beach once the weather gets nice.

Tyler Peckham



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