Arcadia Spring Break 2009!

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page5bromanceSaturday, March 15 marks the first official day of Arcadia University’s 2009 Spring Break. For some students it is a chance to unwind and relax at home. For others it is a time to get wild in a preferably much warmer climate than Glenside, PA. And for others it is a chance to help out with those less fortunate than themselves.

But with the United States Department of state releasing travel advisories for Mexico, in addition to stories like Natalee Holloway getting lost in Aruba in 2005, students are being told to be more careful than ever no matter where they go for Spring Break. “Do not travel around alone, always stay in groups or pairs and never leave a companion behind,” says Public Safety’s Frank DeMeo.

DeMeo encourages students to also be mindful of the laws of where they are spending Spring Break. Each year many Arcadia students go abroad, often times on the Spring Break “Previews” to Scotland, London, or Spain.

“I’m looking forward to being in Europe since this is the first time I’ve been on vacation in a while,” says Freshman Gina Lichner. Freshman Gina Kozak is also going to Spain for Preview. “I’m a Spanish major so I’m really excited to go to Spain,” says Kozak. “I’m just really pumped in general.”

Although Arcadia’s trips are usually well-planned and supervised, being in a foreign country is not always as predictable as spending a week in the States.  Other students are taking a slightly more domestic take on their Spring Break journeys.

Senior Danielle Trout is going to Jean Lafitte, Louisiana with Arcadia’s Community Service Department to help rebuild homes ravaged by hurricanes in the rural areas surrounding New Orleans. “I’m looking forward to meeting the people I’m going to help,” says Trout. For her, the trip promises to be a rewarding and a welcomed break from classes. “The price is good, too,” adds Trout. “Besides, it looks good on a resume.”

Other students are looking to save some money by only taking a weekend trip instead of forking over the cash to travel across the country. Senior Krista Heim is  spending a weekend in Atlantic City with friends. So what’s a 21-year-old to do in Atlantic City? “Shopping, gambling, probably going out to the club,” says Heim. Other than that she plans on spending time at home.

No matter where students decide to go, DeMeo warns that students should always follow the law. “Do not do drugs or be anywhere where there are drugs especially if you are traveling out of the country, penalties are severe and there are no constitutional guarantees in a foreign country,” says DeMeo. Although it’s no secret students drinking alcohol underage during Spring Break is pretty common, students should aware of the risks they take.

But whatever you decide to do this break, make sure to take it easy. Whether it’s sightseeing in another country or sitting in front of the TV, make sure to get some time off of school. As for this writer, I’ll be down in Ft. Lauderdale. Cheers!


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