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Dear Ms. Majestic,

I live in one of the dreadful freshmen triples this year but my roommates are actually pretty nice. We don’t hang out much outside of our room. We’re all very different but somehow we still manage to get along which is cool. Anyway, I heard that housing lottery or selection, whatever you call it, is coming up and I’m kind of worried. My roommates are nice but I don’t want to live with them next year, especially not in another triple! My other friends all seem to have plans about where they want to live next year and I’m the odd man out. My parents suggested I get a single but I really want to live in Oak Summit near the rest of my friends.

If I don’t figure this out soon, I just may become a commuter next year. After all, its cheaper and I get to have real food. So help me out Ms. Majestic, what should I do?


Dear Roommate,

This is definitely not the first time Ms. Majestic has heard this cry. Every year, about the same time, first-year students who have unique living situations have to make “tough” decisions about the upcoming year and their housing situation. Let me be the first to tell you that housing selection is not as bad or exhausting as other people make it. You go in, choose your housing and you survive. Now it sounds like your real issue is what your game plan will be as far as the people you’ll live with. I’m sure you didn’t know this but you have several options. Since you want to live in Oak, you can asked to be placed in an apartment with a few people that you don’t know. Sounds strange but sometimes it works out for the best. You can wait until housing selection night and see if there are people who need an extra person or, you can talk to your friends to be included in their plans. Don’t look to commute because although it seems feasible, you shouldn’t consider it your last resort because you may resent being home once you get there. Happy Housing Season!

-Ms. Majestic

Dear Ms. Majestic,

I’m really pissed at my roommate right now and I hope he reads this! My girlfriend goes to Temple and she hangs out here alot. My roommate doesn’t have a girlfriend because he’s super pathetic and socially awkward. I introduced him to a few of my girlfriend’s friends and he totally messed that up. The problem is that when my girlfriend is around I think he’s up to no good. He’s always checking her out when she stops by and when I tell him to knock it off, he just laughs like its no big deal. I know my girlfriend is hot but I shouldn’t have to hide her because my roommate is a total DB about her coming around. If he does it again,I might knock his face off and I don’t think that would be cool. Ms. Majestic! Please help me before I beat this kid to shreds.

-Babe’s Boyfriend

Dear Boyfriend,

You may want to look into going to Couseling Services before this thing gets to far. You seem to have some anger issues that probably have gotten worse since this whole thing started. Seriously. I can unnderstand where you’re coming from with your roommate but you have to try to understand where he’s coming from. If he’s as strange as you describe him to be than he probably doesn’t have that many friends. As annoying as he is, he’s only doing what you’ve allowed him to do and what he thinks is appropriate. Have you tried talking to him calmly? Most people respond better to real conversation than yelling and screaming. If that doesn’t work, you need to figure out a way to cope with him until the semester ends. We’re near the end and it would be pointless to move or make things worse this late in the game. And Creepy Roommate–If you’re reading this, knock it off!



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