Late Night Comedy Switch Ups

In Uncategorized on March 12, 2009 at 4:29 am

page7comedianOn February 20, Conan O’Brien record his last show as host of NBC’s Late Night. Taking his place was somewhat less of a comedian than O’Brien, Jimmy Fallon. It’s not really anything personal towards Fallon, well actually after seeing Fever Pitch, maybe it is. Just to get everything straight, O’Brien is no longer the host of Late Night because he will be taking over Jay Leno’s position as host of NBC’s other late night mainstay, The Tonight Show. Conan is scheduled to have his first day as host of his new show on June 1, Leno’s last show will be on May 29.

O’Brien had an excellent run as host on Late Night, building the show to a dominant position in its time slot over the years. With his unique style of humor that was able to create popular skits like the Walker Texas Ranger Lever, he was able to create a very loyal following for his show (if you don’t know about the Walker Lever, get yourself on Youtube and track it down asap).

In the meantime, there is a late night talk show void that needs to be filled. I will say that after watching a couple of episodes with Jimmy Fallon as host, I am pretty skeptical of what Fallon can do. The skits and jokes he tells tend to fall flat more often than not, and you can tell the audience is stretching its enthusiasm to keep the laughs coming. I will say the one thing Fallon does do well is his interviews. Although interviews can usually be the more boring part of late night television, Fallon is really able to get into it with his guests, even going so far as to have a dance-off with Cameron Diaz.

I think if Fallon needs anything it is a Andy Richter type cohort to move his jokes along. Having watched him since his career at Saturday Night Live, I know that Fallon is likable, but I don’t think he ever really made me laugh like any of the greats such as Sandler, Ferril, or even the emerging star of Adam Samberg. Let’s face it, there’s a reason why Fever Pitch sucked other than the fact that it was about the Red Sox.

Until Conan comes back on the air, I probably won’t be watching as much late night TV as I used to. Leno is stale and Letterman is boring. Outside of CBS’s Late Late Show with Caig Ferguson, it just doesn’t seem like there enough laughs on late night. Until then I’ll be waiting for Conan’s triumphant return and probably the overdue retirement of Leno. Jay, it’s nothing personal, but between Conan’s hair and your chin, there’s only room for one of you during late night.


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