Spring Break: Getting your break on with a budget

In Uncategorized on March 12, 2009 at 4:38 am

It’s that time again: its time to go to Cancun, Florida, Europe, anywhere that you can party, go wild, and regret whatever you did the next day.  It’s spring break, a week that is known for being wild.  Students often look forward to this week because they get to go somewhere other than school or home.  Unfortunately, in this economy money is tight and spring break is expensive.  So what is a college student to do when they are broke and cannot afford to go anywhere?  Surprisingly, there is more stuff to do than most people realize.  I am staying home for spring break and my entire week is filled with things to do.

There is always one thing I do during breaks, I always see my friends from high school.  Instead of lying around all day call a friend from high school and get together with them.  Have lunch, go see a movie, or just hang out.  If your friend goes to college near you and their break does not coincide with yours just go see them.  Call them and ask if you can go to one of their classes with them that way you can still spend time with them.  Another thing you can do is go to appointments.

If you know ahead of time that you are not doing anything for spring break then set up your different appointments for those days you have off.  Have your hair done one day, go to the dentist the next day, then the eye doctor, etc.  This way you can get your appointments done with and not have to worry about missing class for an appointment.  The next thing you can do is probably the one thing you do not want to even think about over break, homework.

Unfortunately, spring break is in the middle of the semester and there is homework to do.  Many teachers seem to like giving students homework that is due the first day of class after spring break.  Even though homework is the last thing you want to be doing during your break getting it done will mean less stress for you when you go back to college.  Everybody else who went somewhere and did not do their homework will have to catch up and do their homework in a hurry.  You can just relax knowing that you did your homework and did it without rushing through it.  Something else that you can try and get out of the way is getting a summer job.

With summer being right around the corner many students are going to need to get a job.  I suggest that you start looking now and applying for them over spring break.  Let the place you are applying at know that you can come in for an interview during your break and that you can start the job when the college year ends.  If you start looking for a job when summer starts it can be hard to find one because all the other college students are looking for one as well.  Getting a job for the summer during spring break can help ease your stress because you know that once college is done you can start making money right away.

The last thing I suggest you do is to catch up on your sleep. Many college students are sleep deprived from staying up so late doing homework and studying.  Spring break is a great time to catch up on your sleep.  What is even better is getting to sleep in your own bed that does not squeak every time you breathe.  So sleep in a few times and enjoy it because once break is over you will become sleep deprived again.

You do not have to go somewhere to have a good spring break.  You can stay home and have a great break.  You can see your friends from high school and hang out with them.  You can accomplish many tasks such as appointments, homework, and finding a job.  Best of all you can sleep in your own bed and not worry about having to go to class.  So don’t be sad about staying home for spring break, instead have fun and accomplish a few things.


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