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NCAA 2009 Champs

In Uncategorized on April 16, 2009 at 3:24 am

page12champsOn April 6, 2009, the NCAA Basketball series came to an amazing end with one team, and one team only, on top.   In an 89 to 72 win against Michigan State, North Carolina went on to be the Champions for the 2008-2009 series.

The road to the final game could almost be categorized as easy for North Carolina, with impressive wins against Radford, LSU, Gonzaga, Oklahoma and Villanova.  No match against the team was even close to a tie, and any team that opposed UNC inevitably walked away with their tail between their legs.  Their most notable win came in the first round against Radford, with a bone-crushing final score of 101 to 58.
North Carolina’s top scorer, Ty Lawson, scored an impressive 21 points, while Wayne Ellington and Tyler Hansbrough scored a total of 19 and 18 points, consecutively.  All three players had an interesting season, culminating in the final game, and a rare display of emotion by all three.

Fans across the nation saw this win coming, including our nations President, Barack Obama.  His highly publicized bracket had North Carolina coming out on top, and he was not disappointed.  The team’s moves were precise, calculated, and executed with stunning finesse; it was hard to think of any other team standing a chance.

Michigan State, however, was not without their notable moments.  Despite the overall defeat in the end, the team had some very impressive wins under their belt.  In the March 28 game against Louisville, the team walked away with a 64 to 52 win; a final that put them in the final four.  However many wins, there is no doubt that the ride back to Michigan will be a quiet one.

There are so many things that come with the title of NCAA champions, including higher possibilities of a draft into the NBA.  The top three scorers of the game actually came back for that specific reason. Overall, North Carolina has worked hard, and fought their way up to their rightfully deserved spot on top.